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  • Dennis Zaidi

Sofiane Belgadi - Lozard Ventures

Updated: May 5, 2020

Meet Sofiane. In his past, he managed 3 fintechs and was a partner in an investment bank. Currently he is CEO of Lozard Group and partner in 2 VC funds. He has managed 2 exits and is also a business angel in the tech sectors with investments made in different countries.

Sofiane is a mentor in several incubators, Iboost (Ryerson), Mentor in DMZ (Joint venture between Ryerson and St Michael Hospital), Advisor in Holt Accelerator (Fintech accelerator in Montreal), Menor in StartGBC (Geroge Brown)

He has raised nearly $ 200 million in his career and has the experience of creating and developing entrepreneurial projects with 0 budget until the realization of several millions of revenue.

He is also a TEDx Speaker.

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